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Five Key points for selecting a PEPPOL Access Point


If you are a medical or in-vitro device supplier, to be compliant with the UK Department of Health’s e-procurement strategy, you will need to have made a commitment to PEPPOL by September 2016.

Looking at the current situation, it would appear that some suppliers are ready, but many are not. Some are GS1 compliant but haven’t joined PEPPOL, while others have signed up to PEPPOL access points but have not taken the additional necessary steps.

With the UK Department of Health exerting greater pressure, finding an access point provider must be taken seriously. Whether you are a supplier or a NHS trust, in order to establish a connection to the PEPPOL network, you will need to choose a PEPPOL access point provider. Before you commit, there are a number of considerations in relation to finding the best provider:


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The State of eInvoicing 2016 Trend report

After two years of preparation, this fall the E-invoicing Platform plans to publish its extensive research report called: ‘The State of E-invoicing  2016 Trend Report’. More details and sponsoring opportunities can be found in this document as well as online.

E-invoicing is on the rise. The next 5 to 10 years, millions of companies and organisations will be looking for applications, providers, products and services. They start (and validate) their decision making processes by researching information. And in today’s world, the most effective and efficient way of information gathering is by using online and social media resources.

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