Boomertel represents Cyprus at CEN project committee 434 on Electronic Invoicing

eBusinessBoomertel, recognized as one of the leading companies in the area of e-invoicing in Cyprus, was designated by the CYPRUS ORGANISATION FOR STANDARDISATION (CYS) to represent the country in the launch of the new Project Committee (CEN/PC 434) responsible for the definition of the Electronic Invoicing standard.

eBusiness is one of the main diverse area in the world economy change. The area is very wide including fields like eInvoice, eProcurement, eSignature or eTourism.

CEN-CENELEC standardization activities in the area is carried out via Technical Committees or Workshops.

CEN will launch on 9 September 2014 a new Project Committee (CEN/PC 434). The latter will be in charge of developing standards in support of European Electronic Invoicing.

On 6 May 2014 the NEN and UNI proposal for the creation of a new Project Committee on Electronic Invoicing was approved. As a result CEN Project Committee 434 has been created. Also on 6 May 2014, the Directive 2014/55/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 16 April 2014 on electronic invoicing in public procurement was published in the Official Journal. The scope as described in the proposal for the creation of the CEN/PC reads:

The Project Committee on Electronic Invoicing will develop the deliverables that will be described in the (final version of the) standardization request by the European Commission (in support of the implementation of the ‘proposal for a Directive on electronic invoicing in public procurement’). These deliverables are needed to support the exchange of information by electronic means in support of business processes in the trade of goods and services.

The draft standardization request contains a very tight timeframe – end of 2016 at the latest – for the development and the adoption the European standard and its ancillary European standardization deliverables. In view of meeting this ambitious timeframe, NEN and UNI feel that the planning of the first meeting should not wait until the standardization request is finalized.