Electronic Invoicing

Learn how e-Invoicing can increase the productivity of your organisation, significantly reduce management costs, and eliminate invoicing errors.

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The advantages of e-Invoicing

See below some of the key benefits that electroning invoicing can offer in your organisation.

Reduce costs

Build with automation in mind, e-Invoicing reduces processing and operational costs

Eliminate fraud & improve fiscal transparency

Infrastructure guarantees the identity of both e-invoice issuer and receiver.

Accelerated payment execution

By reducing administrative burdens, the time-to-payment is also reduced

Facilitate cross-border transactions

e-Invoicing has been standardized, which guarantees automatic processing of invoices.

Improve procurement

Easier invoicing management, leads to improved procurement processes

Digital archiving

Being completely digital and structured, it's easier than ever to archive and safe keep your invoices.


Who can benefit?

Public Bodies (B2G)

Public Sector Contracting Authorities

Our services can help you send and receive electronic invoices to/from all countries, from all over the world.

Private Companies (B2B)

Companies that provide goods or services

Our services can help you draft and send and receive electronic invoices that comply with European standards.

IT Solution Providers

Organisations that offer IT solutions

We provide consulting services and technical specifications to make your service / technical solution comply with EU standards.

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