Our Services

Our catalogue comprises three packs of services and offer variety of possibilities, based on the users needs.


  • 2 users
  • Multiple bank accounts
  • Import/Export of essential files and invoices
  • Send e-invoices to the Central Government of Cyprus

    Through the "Ariadni" gateway.

  • e-signature

    with your own digital certificate

  • Send attachments
  • Archiving for up to 2 years
  • OCR of 10 invoices

    Automatic OCR of up to 10 standards invoices, in PDF format

  • SEPA Payment orders

    Automatically create and execute SEPA orders

  • Online support


Everything in Professional, plus

  • Up to 10 users
  • Send e-invoices internationally

    within PEPPOL network

  • Import data in XML/CSV/Excel

    You can import invoices and orders in structured files

  • Register in PEPPOL network

    in order to send and receive e-invoices from anybody

  • From order to e-invoice

    Automatically turn your orders in e-invoices

  • Archiving for up to 5 years
  • OCR for 30 invoices

    Automatic OCR of up to 30 standards invoices, in PDF format

  • Export invoices in CSV
  • Priority support


Everything in Business, plus

  • Unlimited users
  • Unique user profiles
  • Mass import of invoices, orders and waybills
  • ERP Interconnection

    e.g. Sage, SAP, Dynamics Nav etc. through Web Services

  • Multiple workflow support

    through EDI, CSV, XML etc.

  • Send through multiple channels and types

    e.g. PEPPOL, EDI etc.

  • Unlimited OCR of invoices

    Automatic OCR of unlimited standard invoices, in PDF format.

  • Automatically receive and process invoices

    Design forms to automatically receive and process invoices from your suppliers.

  • Premium support

    From a dedicated member of our support team.

Do Anything

Additional Services

Support services provided to our clients.

Process Analysis

Business Case Establishment

User training

for the portal-based packages (Professional & Business)

Connection initiation

and submission of application for the PEPPOL identifier (DUNS, GSN etc.)

Technical Assistance

for the ERP/Accounting software integration and Web Services creation