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And the countdown has began for Public Procurement Contracts in Cyprus

The bill instating Mandatory Electronic Invoicing under PEPPOL standards for Public Procurement Contracts, as from January 1, 2022, is on its way to Parliament.

It concerns the Public Procurement (except for areas like Defense and Security) in which Private Enterprises are involved with entities such as:

  • Central Government entities, (Ministries, Deputy Ministries, their various Services and Departments).
  • 160 Wider Public Sector Entities and Organisations (CyTA, EAC, Waterboards, Sewerage and Drainage Boards, Semi Government Entities…)
  • 387 Municipalities and Communities.
  • Since 2018, 13.600 Public Procurement Contracts involved 3.900 private companies as suppliers and 350 Public and Wider Public entities for the total amount of awarded contracts of €5.2 billion.

The Government of the Republic of Cyprus only accepts PEPPOL compliant E-Invoicing:

Under PEPPOL Standards: PEPPOL’s network (Pan European Public Procurement On Line) is the digital channel for electronic invoice transmission for all EU member states and Worldwide and;

In XML format: XML (eXtensible Μarkup Language)

Your company can acquire compliance to the requirements of Cypriot Authorities by connecting your invoicing system to BOOMERTEL’s Access Point on the PEPPOL network. BOOMERTEL is the first company in Cyprus to have the qualification PEPPOL Certified Access Point Provider, which developed its own access point eBizConnectEBizConnect is the ONLY access point to PEPPOL’s network that is directly connected to the government’s portal ARIADNE. Through BOOMERTEL’s access point and platform, your electronic invoices are circulated with absolute security to recipients of the public and wider public sectors. Our platform offers several levels of services including automated and/or guided creation, edition, transmission and reception of e-invoices and many other types of e-documents, under XML and other formats, compatible with PEPPOL’s standards and requirements

BOOMERTEL, a member of G.A.P. Vassilopoulos Group, provides its services to allPublic and Wider Public Entities in Cyprus since 2019, and the company is all set and ready in order to help your company connect and acquire the ability to execute electronic transactions with all your Public-Wider Public Sector clients and of course with your private sector clients and suppliers Worldwide and gain access to the substantial benefits of e-invoicing:

  • Efficiency
  • Quick transmission
  • Elimination of errors and mistakes
  • Automated processing
  • Fiscal transparency
  • Safety
  • Environmental benefits

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